IndyAHU Strategic Plan – June 2016


The meeting was called to order at 9:20 a.m. in the Pathfinder Training Room by James Smith.


  • David Berman
  • Kathy Cooper
  • Bill Cummings
  • Dave Frye
  • Dwight Hall
  • Mike Miles
  • Jason Naville
  • James Smith
  • Rob Strickland
  • Lani Thompson

James welcomed the group, and thanked everyone for their commitment to the board and the organization.  He went over the changes in Board Positions:  Rob will be Membership Chair, and Bill will become an Advisor, replacing John Hall and Roger Skinner.  Dan Ealy had stepped up to be Programs chair, but Dan can no longer commit to that. Looking for new Programs chair.


  1. 2016-2017 Budget

Dave Frye and Kathy reported on year end financials and presented the 2016-2017 budget.  Rob suggested setting flat dollar amounts for each board position, rather than using percentages, that way, the max expenses are known in advance.  After group discussion, decided to keep reimbursement levels as a percentage of average expense, based on board position.  Dave asked for motion to approve Budget.  Rob seconded.  Motion passed; 2016/2017 budget was approved.

  1. Chapter by-laws

Group decided no changes are needed this year to the by-lays changes require vote by membership) or Policies & Procedures.

  1. Monthly Meetings/Programs

Once again, the group discussed moving the location of monthly meetings to accommodate members from all sides of Indianapolis.  Decided to keep them at Woodland due to cost, and decent attendance levels.

Jason commented that we need to offer more opportunity for legislation events, due to impending Presidential election.  General consensus was that we need to bring in more outside SMEs in a breadth of topics.

Rob proposed a name change for the Sales Congress event.  He suggested we call it an Expo and focus more on networking and how to build business, and not offer CE.  We could have a separate CE day.  The group discussed including other trade organizations to boost attendance at both.

James suggested we promote the NAHU tool box, i.e., how to access and use it and the other online resources available through NAHU.

In an effort to increase Board Member attendance at monthly meetings, Rob introduced a motion that Board Members not pay for monthly meeting; Dwight second and motion was approved.

It was decided to add an agenda item to all monthly meetings: one Board Member will give a brief summary of what the Boards does for the Chapter.

The group also decided that there would be business card drawing, and that member introduce himself, and give a summary of his business offerings/objectives.


Dave Frye moved to adjourn; Jason Naville seconded.  Meeting Adjourned at 10:50 a.m.

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IndyAHU is a partner of NAHU

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