IndyAHU Board Meeting Minutes

IAHU Jan 25, 2019 Notes

Call to order 8:30


David Berman, Rob Strickland, Bill Cummings, Allie Billows, Jeff Goodwin, Kyle Dietz, James Smith, Mike Miles

Jeff talked about getting certified, looking to get Gold. Jeff will reach out to Justin to work on it.

Allie – region 3 call on Monday 1/28/19, local presidents are asked to attend. From 3-4 pm. On presidents call last week, they asked if we could push Susan Rider’s professional development meeting.

Next call in Feb to include membership chair.

Events are booked through June for the monthly meetings.

Email Justin to post all events to website.

James- keep blasting non-members, only a couple of non-members are attending, $25 a month to blasting non-members, once he moves in summer, do we want to keep James to do this.

Jeff- he will get with Allie to get our chapter to gold certification.

Kyle- outbound emails, he feels like members are falling off. We look pretty bad as an association when people say they have paid and we are reaching out to make sure they have paid. Jeff will send the membership application to Rob so we can get the application updated and then sent out to all IN Chapters and posted to website.

Rob- I will get with Justin to get the golf outing sponsorship updated and posted.

Mike – Dwight and Mike attended the State of the State

David- Rep Ed Delynai- introduced 1444- he wants the Dept of Insurance to start paying the navigators to do their job since the government stopped paying them. This will not make a hearing, it will be dead on arrival. House bill 1588 came up Thursday, Dept of Insurance came up with this Clean Up Bill- in this bill a representative is trying to change some rules on Long Term Care, Partnership Plan. NAIFA and Northernwestern Mutual tried to get some language through to get rid of the Partnership Plan so Northwestern Mutual could sell their plan. It has been brought to the Department of Insurance’s attention and the language will be pulled out. We are also trying to work to get Short Term plans extended from 180 to 364 (to get it up to the national limit).

Bill- St. V is trying to move from 86th street to 96th and Spring Mill. They are trying to bring back the “Certificate of Need”.

Cap Con- Don Griffey is asking if we can pay part of the State dinner at CapCon. We will give $500 for the dinner in D.C.

Rob- Motion to adjourn , David Berman 2nd 9:56

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