ISAHU Issues Statement on SCOTUS ACA Ruling

Supreme Court Ruling on Healthcare Subsidies Favors Burwell

Subsidies for federally-facilitated exchanges will continue as the Obama administration intended

IAHU New Logo 2012(Fort Wayne, IN)— Kathy Goffer, Media Relations Chair of Indiana Association of Health Underwriters (ISAHU), and President of the local NEIAHU chapter, issued the following statement today:

“The Supreme Court of the United States has just released their opinion in the King v. Burwell case concerning a provision in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and ruled that subsidies will continue to be available in all states, not just those with state-based exchanges. The vote was 6-3.

“The Court considered two possible scenarios in its decision: adhere to the strict reading of the law that subsidies may only be available in exchanges established by the state, or rule in favor of the intent of the law for universal availability of subsidies in all states and all exchanges.

“Following this ruling in favor of the Administration to allow for premium subsidies to be distributed through both federally-facilitated and state-based exchanges, the implementation of PPACA will continue and its insurance reform provisions will remain in effect. Since the continuity of subsidies in all exchanges is no longer in question, it is our hope that legislation to make health reform more workable for both individual and business consumers of health insurance will now be able to gain traction and move forward in Congress.

“Our hope is that policymakers will now be able to focus on legislative efforts to truly reduce the cost of health care, something that the PPACA did not. It’s also critical that lawmakers improve upon the portions of our health care system that work well. The employer-based system has reliably and effectively delivered quality health coverage to generations of Americans. And we as a nation need to work to preserve it.

“Every day, health insurance agents and brokers work to obtain insurance for clients who are struggling to balance their desire to purchase high-quality and comprehensive health coverage with the reality of rapidly escalating health premium costs. As such, one of our primary goals as an association of benefit specialists is to do everything we can to promote affordable access to health insurance coverage.”

The National Association of Health Underwriters represents more than 100,000 professional health insurance agents and brokers who provide insurance for millions of Americans.

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