Get involved with IndyAHU Leadership

You can become an IndyAHU Leader through various committee and board positions. There are 11 Board positions that need filling annually.


  • Leading the chapter as detailed in the strategic plan
  • Appointing committee chairs, delegating responsibilities, and following-up to make sure the job(s) get done
  • Developing meeting agendas and overseeing chapter board and membership meetings, and moderating chapter meetings
  • Communicating chapter activities, reports to state, region, and national office as needed
  • Involvement in raising funds for the chapter


  • Supporting the president
  • Learning the responsibilities of the president and providing leadership in the president’s absence
  • Chairing major committee(s) as needed

Vice President

  • Oversee the activities of the Standing Committees assigned by the President
  • Responsible for other duties as assigned by the President, Executive Committee, or Board


  • Recording and distributing board meeting minutes
  • Maintaining current copy of bylaws, as well as policies and procedures
  • Maintaining attendance records to help determine a quorum
  • Managing other duties as determined by the president


  • Receiving and depositing all checks
  • Maintaining the financial records of the chapter
  • Processing invoices, contributions, and reimbursements
  • Managing the checkbook and audits
  • Preparing a treasurer report for all board meetings
  • Oversight of tax preparation and submission

Professional Development Chair

  • Setting program topics, locations, and agendas
  • Contacting and arranging for speakers
  • Developing questionnaire for program feedback
  • Filing for CE credits
  • Organizing credentialing and designation workshops

Membership Chair:

  • Promoting the value of membership to prospective and current members
  • Developing and delegating responsibilities for membership incentive programs
  • Tracking membership statistics. (new members, renewals, changes/deletions)
  • Keeping a “guest/prospect” list from meetings
  • Reviewing previous year’s membership data and setting goals for the upcoming year
  • Maintaining membership supplies. (i.e. applications, affinity information)
  • Contacting carriers for membership or partnership drives
  • Promoting membership drives

Legislative Chair

  • Takes action on legislative and regulatory issues of interest to health insurance agents and brokers
  • Builds relationships with legislatures and like-minded organizations
  • Encourages chapter-level political involvement and grass-roots activity
  • Keeps chapter members informed about legislative and regulatory happenings in both Washington, DC, and Indianapolis

Media Relations Chair

  • Compiling a list of local print and broadcast media contacts
  • Sending press releases to media contacts, responding as needed
  • Forwarding NAHU releases on national issues to media contacts with a local spin

Communications Chair

  • Ensuring chapter information is communicated on a regular basis to all chapter members
  • Working with other committees as needed to produce a monthly newsletter and website
  • Communicating chapter information with state, regional and national offices as needed

Awards Chair

  • Acting as a resource to chapter on what documentation is needed for each NAHU award
  • Assembles documentation for awards applications and submits to NAHU on a timely basis

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