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It’s time to step up in service and your career

IndyAHU is led by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of NAHU-suggested positions with a range of skills and talents.

What can I do?

Your help can push IndyAHU into new areas, like brokering sponsorships, working with the media, helping organize events and book speakers, establish continuing education instruction, guiding and shaping policy and legislation, philanthropic endeavors, and more.

Why should I join?

2016-2017 IndyAHU President James D. Smith

NAHU, ISAHU, and IndyAHU have pushed and guided lawmakers, policy initiatives, and developmental practices in ways seen and unseen for years. If you’re ready to help guide the industry in our local area, starting with IndyAHU’s Board is a great way to establish a name for yourself.

Prior IndyAHU President James D. Smith noted after he started his work with IndyAHU a steady increase in his sales “of $50,000 in new premium in 12 months”. Smith also says “Going to Capitol Conference is fantastic with in-person legislative discussions directly with politicians, economists, think-tank experts, media types, and medical providers.” As he realized, “You’ll be able to get access to people and ideas that are just not available to people not actively involved with the IndyAHU Board.”

Will I have time?

Theodore Roosevelt wrote nine books by the time he was 35, including The Naval War of 1812. Naval War was considered the preeminent scholarly authority on the subject of America’s involvement in the war and was mandatory teaching for all naval officers in the U.S. and British navy for a generation. He ultimately wrote over 35 books over his life, all while redefining the nation, raising a family, and brokering peace globally.

This is to say, your obligations with the IndyAHU Board of Directors is likely to take a few hours each month.

How do I start?

Simply fill out this interest form below. If you’re unfamiliar with some of the roles and responsibilities, a list is below with job descriptions described by NAHU. In many cases, you can write your own job description or adapt positions to fit your skills and talents.

IndyAHU’s board meets the last Friday of the Month and before each monthly meeting.

View Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

Leadership Roles and Responsibilities


  • Leading the chapter as detailed in the strategic plan
  • Appointing committee chairs, delegating responsibilities, and following-up to make sure the job(s) get done
  • Developing meeting agendas and overseeing chapter board and membership meetings, and moderating chapter meetings
  • Communicating chapter activities, reports to state, region, and national office as needed
  • Involvement in raising funds for the chapter


  • Supporting the president Learning the responsibilities of the president and providing leadership in the president’s absence
  • Chairing major committee(s) as needed

Vice President:

  • Oversee the activities of the Standing Committees assigned by the President
  • Responsible for other duties as assigned by the President, Executive Committee, or Board


  • Recording and distributing board meeting minutes
  • Maintaining current copy of bylaws, as well as policies and procedures
  • Maintaining attendance records to help determine a quorum
  • Managing other duties as determined by the president


  • Receiving and depositing all checks
  • Maintaining the financial records of the chapter
  • Processing invoices, contributions, and reimbursements
  • Managing the checkbook and audits
  • Preparing a treasurer report for all board meetings
  • Oversight of tax preparation and submission

Professional Development Chair:

  • Setting program topics, locations, and agendas
  • Contacting and arranging for speakers
  • Developing questionnaire for program feedback
  • Filing for CE credits
  • Organizing credentialing and designation workshops

Membership Chair:

  • Promoting the value of membership to prospective and current members
  • Developing and delegating responsibilities for membership incentive programs
  • Tracking membership statistics. (new members, renewals, changes/deletions)
  • Keeping a “guest/prospect” list from meetings
  • Reviewing previous year’s membership data and setting goals for the upcoming year
  • Maintaining membership supplies. (i.e. applications, affinity information)
  • Contacting carriers for membership or partnership drives
  • Promoting membership drives

Legislative Chair:

  • Takes action on legislative and regulatory issues of interest to health insurance agents and brokers
  • Builds relationships with legislatures and like-minded organizations
  • Encourages chapter-level political involvement and grass-roots activity
  • Keeps chapter members informed about legislative and regulatory happenings in both Washington, DC, and respective state capitol

Media Relations Chair:

  • Compiling a list of local print and broadcast media contacts
  • Sending press releases to media contacts, responding as needed
  • Forwarding NAHU releases on national issues to media contacts with a local spin

Communications Chair:

  • Ensuring chapter information is communicated on a regular basis to all chapter members
  • Working with other committees as needed to produce a monthly newsletter and website
  • Communicating chapter information with state, regional and national offices as needed

Awards Chair:

  • Acting as a resource to chapter on what documentation is needed for each NAHU award
  • Assembles documentation for awards applications and submits to NAHU on a timely basis


  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Allison Billows

Allison Billows, IndyAHU Social Media and Membership Chair

“Two of the many reasons I serve are for the professional networking opportunities and industry insight.”

Allison Billows, IndyAHU Social Media and Membership Chair

IndyAHU is a partner of ISAHU

2020 NAHU Website award winner

IndyAHU is a partner of NAHU

NAHU represents more than 100,000 licensed health insurance agents, brokers, general agents, consultants and benefit professionals through more than 200 chapters across America.